Why is it critical for you to use post purchase upsell apps for Shopify?

Upselling is the only way to survive with rising ad costs and increased competition

It also increases the lifetime value of each of your customers.

With every order you get, there’s a chance that your customer would buy an accompanying item.

Why didn’t they buy more, to begin with? Maybe they didn’t know it was available. But more likely, they didn’t understand the value of the complementary product.

Let’s say you run a Shopify store that sells drones.

As the seller, you know a common complaint in the community is running out of juice too soon. Just having one battery doesn’t let you fly your drone for a long time.

So what’s a perfect complementary product? An extra battery!


How would you feel as a buyer? If you bought a drone and then flew it for the first time. Then you realize you need to buy an extra battery, pay to ship again, and wait for it to come in.

It’d be a hassle. You’d probably feel a little irritated, to say the least.

This is why it’s important to use upselling to create a win-win scenario for your Shopify store.

A side note, it seems like the words “cross-selling” and “upselling” get thrown around interchangeably.

Even by some of the apps, we’re going to review.

I could try to explain the difference, but this graphic says it better.


Upselling: Would you like to make that a large?


Cross-Selling: Do you want fries with that?

It’s tough to say if this trend will get straightened out. But alas, we’re here to educate you… 🙂 For the ease of this article, we will simply say ‘upsell’.

So let’s hunt down, investigate, and find the best upsell app for Shopify in 2020.



CartHook has a lot of claims that really empower Shopify.

They also claim that they have processed over $800 million in revenue but do not list the revenue they have generated for customers.

So let’s see what they offer.

✔️ Post-Purchase One-Click Upsell. CartHook promises the ability to allow your customers to add other items to their order, after their order.

Trust is at an all-time high right after your customers click “Complete Purchase”. It’s also easier for them to say “yes” again right after buying. They’re still in the dopamine rush of the “buyer’s high”.

CartHook Post-Purchase One-Click Upsell

✔️ Intuitive Funnel Builder + Product Funnels. Creating funnels for products is great because it allows you to laser-focus in on someone’s interest in your particular product.

CartHook Custom Funnel

CartHook goes further by allowing you to create a custom funnel for each of your products. The major advantage of this, of course, is offering relevant upsells.

The more relevant your suggestion, the better your conversions.

✔️ Landing Page Builder. CartHook has the capability to build product pages. There’s a variety of default templates that give you structures to customize or build off of.

CartHook Landing Page Builder

✔️ Mobile Optimized. CartHook even has the ability to edit specific elements for mobile vs desktop.

✔️ Countdown Timers. CartHook has countdown timers built-in to their one-time offers. You can add the functionality to the checkout page, even though you do have to customize it a bit.

✔️ Customizable One-Page Checkout. This is a nice feature that Shopify has yet to allow customization for.

CartHook Customizable One-Page Checkout

The app lets you put all your checkout fields on one page. It can be argued that multi-step checkouts are less intimidating for a user.

It’s a series of micro-commitments. Getting them to say ‘yes’ once increases the likelihood they’ll say yes again.

A one-page checkout can be more overwhelming since there’s so much to fill out at once. It’s like filling out a pile of tax forms vs a quiz where you are presented with one question at a time.

Alas, it is something store owners have wanted for a while. Plus, it’s always worth testing on your own store as the results are different for everyone.

✔️ Month-to-Month Option. You can pay monthly with CartHook.

✔️ Money-Back Guarantee. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide CartHook doesn’t work for you.

Pre-Purchase One-Click Upsell or Checkout Bumps. No way to offer upsells before the checkout. This is unfortunate because we’d like to see some options for a customer before they checkout.

Split-testing. No split-testing. You have to duplicate your funnels and tag half your products with one and tag the other half. But there’s no true split-testing.

Uploaded Image Library. There’s no hosting for images uploaded to be able to reuse the same images in other funnels.


Ahhh the fine print. All of these features sound nice until you stumble upon the price.
I’m sure they sound like small numbers to some Shopify store owners.

However, for most Shopify owners, their prices are nothing less than extortion.

CartHook pricing

$500/mo and +.5% fee on all revenue made? Yikes.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps Score

For CartHook, we give it a D 😔 For what it does, it’s not worth the $500/mo + .5% fee on the revenue they’re asking. They’re appealing to huge brands but for the average store owner, it’s a no-go.

If you’re looking to grow your store into a full-time business or you’re a store owner who is doing under $1m a year in revenue, it’s just not beneficial.

One-Click-Upsell by Zipify

One-Click-Upsell by Zipify

Brought to you by the same company that makes Zipify Pages, they now have Zipfiy One-Click-Upsell (OCU).

OCU claims they have $400 million+ in total orders processed, half of that of CartHook. However, they state that they have generated $26 million+ in extra revenue for their users.

Let’s look into some of OCU’s features.

✔️ Post-Purchase One-Click Upsell. OCU does have the one-click to upsell. We would hope so, it being their name and all.

✔️ * Intuitive Funnel Builder. Easy to use funnel building. But sadly, with a caveat, the biggest problem is that OCU requires a Zipify Pages Subscription (an additional $67/mo) to build out product pages.

✔️ Split-Testing. We love the fact we get to split-test our funnels and see which one is the winner. ”Run unlimited split-tests to optimize your upsells. Test products, discounts, creative, and more.”

✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Zipify doesn’t offer a trial but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pre-Purchase One-Click Upsell or Checkout Bumps. No way to offer upsells before the checkout. When contacted, they said this was something they were planning in the future but as of yet, not implemented.

Uploaded Image Library. There’s no hosting for images uploaded to be able to reuse the same images.

Countdown Timers. No countdown timers are available to provide for scarcity causing users to act now.

Customizable One-Page Checkout. OCU’s claim is that their checkout is designed to mimic Shopify’s, it’s the same 3-page checkout. When contacted, they said they had no plans of implementing a one-page checkout.

No month-to-month option. Sort of. It seems that OCU is currently split-testing what converts better for their own sales.

So depending on your luck of the draw, you might get to pay month-to-month. Or conversely, it must be paid all upfront.

OCU Pricing

OCU Essential billed annually

OCU Order Summary


Zipify’s price point isn’t as shocking as CartHook, but it’s still not great for a store starting out.

With no month-to-month option for billing, it can still be a big commitment compared to most monthly app plans.

$56/mo billed annually ($670 upfront) plus $2.5% of your upsell revenue. As we said before, the biggest problem is that OCU requires a Zipify Pages Subscription (An additional $67/mo) to build out funnels.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps Score

For OCU, we give it a C-. It’s not as painful to your wallet but it’s still a big commitment to see if it works in your store if you’re just starting out.

We’d like to see a free trial or at least a month-to-month option.



AppTrends isn’t actually a funnel builder solution.

It takes the ClickFunnels platform and ties it into Shopify, allowing you to more closely integrate. It checks pretty much all of the boxes, so we won’t go over it in detail.

However, the biggest problem is the fact that you have to have to use ClickFunnels as a separate platform.

This means you’re relying on the stability of 3 platforms (Shopify, ClickFunnels & AppTrends) to do what all-in-one solutions do more reliably.


AppTrends itself starts out at $40/mo for 150 orders per month. Plus the required ClickFunnels subscription of $97. The next tier of AppTrends is $80 for 450 orders per month.

So overall, just to start, you’re looking at $137/mo to use AppTrends.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps Score

We really like ClickFunnels, but don’t feel like AppTrends is a solid solution to solving Shopify upsells. It feels like overkill and takes away from what Shopify should already be capable of.

If you do so much customization beyond what the platform is meant for, then why even use it, to begin with?

We give AppTrends a C+.



Intercart is the new kid on the block with some promising features.

It checks most of the boxes for us, with the exception of a few that left us wanting more…

Pre-Purchase One-Click Upsell or Checkout Bumps. No way to offer upsells before the checkout. Checkout bumps only available for the Enterprise plan ($499/mo)

Landing Page Builder. The biggest problem, no landing page builder. It’s only a checkout replacement.


At an attractive price point at only $49, we were eager, at first. But then we realized that Intercart takes an additional 2% off Intercart revenue generated. Still not as bad as OCU’s 2.5%, but close.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps Score

Intercart’s features show some promise. We really wish they’d offer the checkout bump features without the expensive enterprise plan.

With no product page builder, we’re not sure it holds up as the best choice for an all-in-one solution.

We give Intercart a B-.


Funnel Buildr

FunnelBuildr is the diamond in the rough when it comes to post-purchase upsell apps to create funnels for your Shopify store.

What’s more, FunnelBuildr recently released an integration with CustomCat. FunnelBuildr also announced they would be integrating with all major print-on-demand suppliers. This makes FunnelBuildr a no-brainer choice for print-on-demand sellers.

✔️ Pre-Purchase One-Click Upsell or Checkout Bumps. Just like Amazon, you can add pre-purchase one-click upsells. You can also tack on products at the checkout. This gives customers an easy way to upgrade their order right before they pay.

✔️ Post-Purchase One-Click Upsell. Configurable post-purchase one-click upsells that let your customers ‘ride the high’ of buying and add more to their order.

✔️ Intuitive Funnel Builder. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it super easy to arrange page elements.

✔️ Landing Page Builder. Ability to create 100% custom product pages.

✔️ Per Product Funnels. Any combination of products and collections can be used with your funnels.

✔️ Split-Testing. You can add additional pages at any stage of your funnel (for example, two landing pages) and then adjust the percentage of traffic you’d like each to receive.

✔️ Mobile Optimized. All funnels made with mobile in mind for creating high converting funnels no matter what device your visitor is on.

✔️ Uploaded Image Library. Once you upload an image from your computer to the builder, it automatically goes into your image library making it even easier to locate and use on other pages

✔️ Countdown Timer. You can add countdown timers to any page to add the urgency and scarcity proven to increase sales. Pick from two different styles – date-based countdown timers to expire at a specified date or “evergreen” timers to expire after “x” time for each visitor.

✔️ Customizable One-Page Checkout. You can completely control the checkout process to dramatically increase your conversions and decrease abandoned carts. You can choose from a multi-step or one-page checkout. You can even split-test the two.

✔️ Funnel Sharing. We have the ability to share funnels between accounts so if you had created a high-converting template you could share it. This is mainly a benefit to affiliates looking to promote FB but some customers may have a use. They can definitely clone pages which is very helpful.

✔️ Month-to-Month Option. There’s a month to month option and you don’t have to pay all upfront.

✔️ Free 14-day trial. FunnelBuildr offers a free 14-day trial.


FunnelBuildr Pricing

FunnelBuildr has its lowest-priced tier set at $27. The next priced tier is $47 for 200 orders.

This company’s tier pricing seems to scale the most responsibly without price gouging. Especially since there is no revenue percentage taken.

Their order count model seems fair in comparison to taking a % of upsell revenue.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps Score

FunnelBuildr has a lot of value packed into its software suite. It’s safe to say FunnelBuildr is the best all-in-one solution at an affordable price for almost all Shopify store owners.

We don’t have any hesitations saying…

If you’re looking through different post-purchase upsell apps then your search is over.

We give FunnelBuildr an A. Making it our comparison’s winner.

Post Purchase Upsell Apps – Overall Comparison

There’s a lot of options out there.

But post-purchase upsell apps are a major way to increase your average order value and increase your customer lifetime value.

It’s absolutely worth pursuing if you want to expand and grow your business.

We know this is a lot to sort through, so we made an easy comparison chart.

But overall, our winner is FunnelBuildr for the best choice for using post-purchase upsell apps.

Comparison Table